CAPTAINS: Rinaldo Pender and Iman Westhead (centre of image)
VICE-CAPTAINS: Esperance Fyfe (left) and Lachlan Knight (right)

St Joseph College isn’t just a school, it’s a College with opportunities which allows us to explore and achieve excellence in what we love doing.  St Joseph’s College doesn’t just offer an education, it offers a wide variety of things such as friendships, memories, learning and once in a lifetime experiences. When I got elected to represent the College as the Captain, I was speechless.  I was so excited to be given the opportunity to represent our fabulous school.  Over the six years I have been a student at St Joseph’s College I have been given so much, now it’s my time to give back what this College has given me. 

Coming from the small town of Euston with a school population of 90 students and moving to St Joseph’s College with over 900 students was a big step for me.  One of my most memorable times which I think sums up my time at St Joseph’s College would be the Year 8 Camp to the Grampians.  This camp gave me the opportunity to make many friends and I got to know those people who were already my friends even more.  I was able to experience all the opportunities the camp had to offer, as well as saying hello to people I don’t know very well, to sharing a room with people I had never even met.  This was one of the highlights of my schooling, where there were memories made with my year level.  I highly recommend this camp to all the Year 8 students.

From the Grampians Camp, our year level developed many strong bonds with each other.  We all went from only talking to a few people who were in our friendship groups to talking to everyone, as we built trust with one another and became closer with everyone.  I would like the students of St Joseph’s College in 2017 to do the same as we did in 2013;  that is to talk to people,  welcome everyone and make them feel that they belong in our College and to our school community.

Not all Year 12’s students have the same goal.  I encourage you all to persevere in your endeavors and wish you all the best with the rest of your schooling.  From our Year 7 students to our Year 12 students, I hope you achieve the goals that you have set and never give up, because I believe in you all. 

At St Joseph’s College, students are not just a number, they are the main priority.

As I remember back to the start of secondary school and walking into to the College on my first day, I was very scared and excited.  It is crazy to think what I felt like then to where I am now, starting the journey for my final year at St Joseph’s College, after being voted College Captain by my peers and teachers.

I believe the reason St Joseph’s College is great is because of the sense of belonging and community which we foster, which, since my first day of starting Year 7, I have always felt.  A feeling of belonging and community is extremely important as it makes a student feel valued and a priority and helps the College to really prove to students that they are number one.

The way St Joseph’s College helps students to develop is indescribable. The many opportunities and experiences that are given is something not all students at other school receive.  At St Joseph’s College we are given a range of opportunities beyond the classroom, from Year level and subject camps, seminar days, assemblies, performances, regional sporting opportunities and even the implementation of vertically organised homerooms and Year 7 and Year 8 Core Groups. 

Thinking about the Year 7 Community Days and Year 9, Year 11 and Year 12 Seminar Days, these days are used to help bring year levels together and bond them as one. I have found these days extremely useful and beneficial over the years, as some peers I had never spoken to in classes, are now great friends of mine. Not only do these days help us bond with our Year levels, our relationships with our teachers are grow. Now that I am a senior student, I appreciate the importance of the teachers who are with us every day.  I have formed comfortable and respectful relationships with my teachers and know that when I step foot into both the College grounds and the classroom, my learning is as important to them as it is to me. Some of the teachers who I had as my mentors at the Year 7 Community Day in 2012 are now my teachers for Year 12.  The consistency of the staff at St Joseph’s College has enabled me to feel that the care and sense of community is an extremely important aspect of the College.  

As a Year 12 cohort of around 110 students, with the majority of us beginning this journey together in 2012, I know I will be graduating alongside students I really know and trust.  The excitement I feel knowing that I will be leading my beautiful group of 2017 graduates along with Antonio makes me feel immensely proud.

I believe that St Joseph’s College is a great College to be part of, and I'm happy with my decision to complete my Secondary education at such a wonderful Mercy School. 



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