Whilst the name Enright Campus was new in 2015, Catholic education has been a constant in Mildura since 1906 and at the present site of the Enright Campus since 1929. In 2015 we named the school at 154 Twelfth Street, after our first Principal, Sr Gertrude Enright, to help make the distinction between our 2 campuses.

What is now called the Enright Campus has historically been the site for educating all our secondary students, but from 2015 was the venue for educating our Year 7, 9, 10, 11 and 12 students; with Year 8 students attending the Mercy Campus.

The Enright Campus has a student population of approximately 758 students in 2016 (there are an additional 175 Year 8 students at the Mercy Campus).
In the years since 1929 this site has been developed to provide the facilities and environment to allow our students to achieve in a variety of fields and to a very high standard; as highlighted by our Alumni and Inspiring Alumni Event.  The Enright Campus has well equipped classrooms with an enviable access to technology for both the students and the teacher.  In recent years we have also been actively pursuing providing even more access to parents through technology to facilitate greater parental involvement in their child’s secondary education.  The Enright Campus includes facilities for a variety of technologies, science subjects, information technology, creative arts, a modern library, general classrooms and flexible learning areas.

The Campus also offers careers counselling and general counselling through well-resourced departments and a school nurse.

We are currently very excited about the opportunities provided by our new Maths Science Building, which came into operation in 2015 and its provision in facilitating excellent and innovative learning environments for our students.

Ultimately the objective of the staff of the Enright Campus is to facilitate the personal and spiritual development of our students. Our school community promotes and fosters a well-founded spirit of faith, hope, confidence and optimism in all students for their futures. To achieve this we undertake the following:
  • Provide sufficient flexibility to allow each student to reach his or her potential.
  • Provide a comprehensive range of well structured RE programs, activities and experiences such as Feast Day celebrations, paraliturgies, masses and retreats.
  • Provide programs for the physical development and personal health and fitness of students such as Health Education, Physical Education, Dance, inter House and inter School sport.
  • A Camp/Excursion program, which gives students direct experience of situations and activities, develops social skills, provides personal challenges, promotes individual growth and provides a basis for the creative use of leisure time.
  • A relevant Pastoral Care programme, which fosters creative and purposeful approaches by students to the challenging world by experience.
  • Opportunities to experience creative and meaningful approaches to learning that will challenge students to meet their goals.

The Curriculum also ensures that all other studies in the College are developed and taught in ways, which reflect the attitudes, and values being developed within the Religious Education programmes.




154 Twelfth Street
Mildura VIC 3500
03 5018 8000

Cnr Riverside Avenue & Eleventh Street
Mildura VIC 3500

8 - 10 Langtree Parade
Mildura VIC 3500