The primary objective behind the development of the Year 8 School at the Mercy Campus is to improve student learning outcomes for students in Year 8.  We see the development of the Year 8 School at the Mercy Campus site as an opportunity to provide Year 8 students with a curriculum, which is engaging, more interactive and more integrated.  In many respects we see it as a natural development of the Year 8 Active Learning Days that occurred in past years.

The environment and curriculum of the Year 8 School will address fundamental realities about Late-Middle Years learners.  As students reach the end of the Middle Years, their needs change; when these needs are not met, the risk of disengagement from school is significant. Young people in middle-adolescence are transitioning from a parent-dependent childhood to an increasingly independent, and peer-dependent, young adulthood.  The belief is that teaching and learning which embraces this transition period and which connects meaningfully with their lives in the classroom and beyond, engages and energizes students.

The Year 8 program offers our students a strong and rich pastoral environment, where the development of the whole person is of pre-eminent importance.

Teaching and learning will be academically rigorous, with the goal of providing quality education for our students, central to our endeavors.  Our curriculum will reflect AusVELS, and will embrace the Australian Curriculum.

The curriculum will be designed, constructed and delivered by a core team based at the Mercy Campus, with a focus on differentiated and authentic learning.  The team will incorporate technology and will use traditional classrooms as well as open learning spaces, with creative use of learning environments to allow for flexibility and mobility whilst insuring that academic rigor remains at the highest standard.  Both explicit teaching and enquiry-based teaching will be used to assist our students to become life-long, global, engaged learners.  Leadership skills will be explicitly taught with numerous opportunities to develop these skills in practical ways, primarily in service to others.
Students will be encouraged to make critical decisions when given the opportunity.  This could be in relation to subject choices or choices given within the curriculum, for example Learning Communities, Physical Activity for Healthy Lifestyles, Assessment Tasks in Core Subjects and Electives, The Rite Journey, camps and other extra-curricular activities.
One of the aims is to ensure that we work towards building an active and thriving community. By fostering relationships, students, teachers and parents help promote community and connectedness through a shared sense of purposeful and meaningful learning.  At the Mercy Campus we will endeavour to provide avenues where students can express their creativity, challenge and support each other’s ideas and importantly, promote ownership and responsibility for their school.
The Mercy Campus will take advantage of the excellent facilities located at this site, including sports stadium, theatre, and kitchen facilities that already existed and this has been augmented by the provision of both specialist and general classrooms, including some that lend themselves to flexible and collaborative learning.



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8 - 10 Langtree Parade
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