Mid-Year Harvest

Welcome to Term 3, and the annual launch of Harvest, our mid-year publication.

We chose ‘enrich’ as the theme for this year’s edition to explore everything that brings joy to our lives, both as individuals and as a community.

From extraordinary experiences and unique hobbies to honouring a 115-year legacy, this year’s Harvest serves up a bountiful buffet of college life:

  • Meet our new student leaders and staff before bidding a fond farewell to the class of 2020 with a quick visit to last year’s College Awards Assembly.
  • Celebrate the founding of our college in 1906 by taking a walk through the newly created St Joseph’s College Mercy Heritage Centre at the Mercy Convent on Enright Campus.
  • Reminisce about all the fun-filled excursions and whole-school events held during the first two terms of the current school year.

Shared experiences at St Joseph’s College create a sense of belonging and a community that endures. We hope you enjoy this year’s crop of articles, images, and stories. You can read an online copy of Harvest here. If you ordered a copy, please pick it up from college reception.

Happy reading

Mrs Marg Blythman

Harvest Magazine 2021
Principal’s Blog – Term Two, Week Five

Principal’s Blog – Term Two, Week Five

I think we can all agree that teamwork in action is an inspiring thing to witness. A group of people united in a shared effort to reach a common goal reminds me of a ‘hero’s journey’ that everyone can identify with on one level or another. Closely following a team’s...

Principal’s Blog – Term Two, Week Four

Principal’s Blog – Term Two, Week Four

After a marvellous Mother’s Day weekend, everyone at the college got back to business on Monday. By all accounts, enthusiasm triumphed over the cooler weather wherever our students were across Victoria. Excursions Our VCE Geography students travelled to Falls Creek...

Principal’s Blog – Term Two, Week Three

Principal’s Blog – Term Two, Week Three

When parents and teachers work together with students, a special kind of magic happens. Parent/Student/Teacher conferences ensure the success of this collaboration by allowing all three parties to discuss both a student’s progress as well as areas where improvements...