Congratulations to everyone in our community for their hard work and dedication over the past ten weeks. Term 3 was a resounding success from start to finish. Whilst we faced our share of challenges as a result of illness, St Joseph’s College has emerged stronger than ever.

Over the course of the term, spirits steadily rose. Even the wintry weather couldn’t dampen them. We feel very lucky to have held several events which we had to cancel during the previous two years, including excursions, camps, Masses, guest speakers, and three Balls.

Speaking of which, last Friday’s College Ball was an absolute hit. I thank Miss Andy Higgins for organising such a magical soirée. Just look at the smiles on everyone’s faces in the photos below.

Our Year 7 cohort departed bright and early on Monday this week for their camp in Victor Harbor. Originally planned for the 2021 school year, we hope this experience gave our youngest students ample time to have fun and learn some of life’s ‘soft skills’ along the way. –From what I’ve seen, they sure look like they have had a wonderful time.

Next week, the Year 9 students will embark on an epic adventure in the centre of our Great Southern Land. Over the holidays, they will visit Adelaide, Woomera, Coober Pedy, King’s Canyon and Alice Springs. I send everyone my best wishes for a safe journey and cannot wait to hear all about this inaugural camp.

Students taking a Unit 3 or 4 subject will begin the spring holidays with practice exams on 19, 20, and 21 September. To replicate all official exam conditions as closely as possible, the college has employed official VCAA exam invigilators and will be enforcing the same guidelines as those applicable to end of year exams. This amazing opportunity will give our students the best chance to prepare and succeed when they sit their actual exams from the end of October.

Enrichment Sabbatical, Week 2

I was in London when Queen Elizabeth II passed away. Certainly a sad moment for her family and all of us who live in the Commonwealth, Her Majesty is rightly admired for living her life in service. May she Rest in Peace.

The program focused on education this past week. Catherine McAuley passionately advocated the importance of education for everyone. She knew that people could improve their lives through learning if they were only given a chance. Her belief in broadening horizons has led to our very own college’s efforts to deliver ‘boundless possibilities’ for our students.

Part of this week’s itinerary included a visit to the University of Cambridge. Founded in 1209, the fourth-oldest university in the world now boasts a globally diverse student body hailing from 141 different countries. Interestingly, King Charles attended Trinity College at the university. His studies included history and archaeology, as well as physical and social anthropology. In June 1970, he became the first heir to the throne to be awarded a degree.

Whilst at the university, I visited King’s College Chapel, the most iconic and visually spectacular building in Cambridge. Constructed over the course of a century by Kings Henry VI and VII, it has the largest fan vault in the world and some of the finest mediaeval stained glass in Europe. There was also a condolence book dedicated to Her Majesty’s passing which I signed on behalf of the college community.

By the time you read this, I will be in Ireland. After arriving by ferry in Rosslare, I will visit the Convent of Mercy in Wexford. I was fascinated to learn that there is a direct link between the Wexford Convent and Yarrawonga. You can read all about this delightful bit of history here.

Over the spring holidays, I will continue my study of Mercy history and its legacy in both Great Britain and Ireland. I’ll provide another update when Term 4 begins. I hope everyone enjoys some rest time over these holidays with their loved ones.

God bless.

Mrs Marg Blythman

Principal's Blog St Josephs 2022
St Joseph's College Mildura Ball 2022
St Joseph's College Mildura Ball 2022
St Joseph's College Mildura Ball 2022
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