The curriculum at St Joseph’s College is divided into the following areas: 


During their first two years of schooling, all students undertake a prescribed course. They study core subjects, including religious education, English, mathematics, science, humanities, languages and physical education, and can choose from electives including food technology, drama, textiles, dance, art, music, design and technology and digital technologies.



All Year 9 students will complete the following subjects:


Health & Physical Education



Religious Education



Year 9 students will then choose their remaining subjects based on whether they will continue to study Italian.


  • Option 1 – Continue Italian Studies

Students continuing with Italian will need to select:

      • Two Italian Units
      • One Technology Unit
      • One Art Unit
      • (Please note: a unit runs for one semester.)
  • Option 2 – Discontinue Italian Studies

Students who will not continue their study of Italian will need to select:

      • Two Technology Units
      • Two Art Units
      • (Please note: a unit runs for one semester.)

At Year 9 students decide on which above option best suits them, they will choose from the following elective units:

  • Italian 9A
  • Italian 9B
  • Digital design
  • Food Technology
  • Materials and Technology A
  • Materials and Technology B
  • Mechanical and Electrical Systems
  • Programming for Games
  • Textiles for Beginners
  • Textiles Arts and Crafts
  • Art
  • Dance A
  • Dance B
  • Drama
  • Media Studies
  • Music
  • Visual Communication Design

The Year 9 Handbook provides further information on each of the above units and the process of subject selection.


All Year 10 students will need to complete 12 units of Year 10 subjects.

This will consist of 2 units each from:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Religious Education / Health & Physical Education / Healthy Futures

Every Year 10 student will then choose an additional 6 units (3 each semester) from the 40 available electives in the following Learning Areas:

  • Art
  • Health & Physical Education
  • Humanities
  • Languages
  • Science
  • Technology

Elective Units

Italian 10 C Italian 10 D Literature 10 Maths Enrichment Elective 10
Living Biology Molecular Biology Prep Physics / Chemistry 1 Prep Physics / Chemistry 2
iSTEM Psychology in Action Legal Studies Accounting
Economics / Business Management Financial Literacy The Modern World and Australia American History
Get Active Total Sports Introduction to Outdoor Education Introduction to VCE Physical Education
Introduction to VCE Health & HD Certificate 3 in Fitness Certificate 3 in Sport, Aquatics and Recreation Certificate 3 Music
Art 10 Dance 10 A Dance 10 B Drama 10
Photography 10 Visual Communication & Design 10 Media Studies 10 Music 10
Food Technology 10 Materials and Technology 1 Textiles Introduction Textiles by Design
Robotics and Coding Systems 10 Wood by Design Certificate 3 IT

Things to consider when choosing electives:

1. Students will not be permitted to select more than 3 units from any single Learning Area.

2. If a student did not complete a Commerce unit in Year 9, they must complete a Commerce unit in Year 10. They can choose from:

  • Accounting
  • Economics / Business Management
  • Legal Studies
  • Financial Literacy

3. Accelerating students will only need to choose 4 units from Languages / Technology / Art / Humanities / Science / Health & Physical Education. (Please note that accelerating covers 2 out of the 6 required choices.)

4. Students will need to seek permission to accelerate. The ‘Application for Academic Acceleration’ form is available from: SIMON home page > School Links > SJC > SJC Student Bub > Academic / Application Forms. This form needs to be completed and endorsed.

5. The Year 10 timetable lines up with the VCE timetable to allow for acceleration.

The Year 10 Handbook provides further information for each of the above units and the process of subject selection.

Year 11 and 12 VCE / VET / VCE VM

Year 11 and 12 students undertake the VCE as prescribed by the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority. Subjects are offered based on student demand.


English and humanities subjects, including business management, civics and citizenship, geography and history, are taught in a range of environments across the College. Digital resources are integral to student learning in these areas, and we provide computers in classrooms, Apple TV, large televisions and smart boards, which are supported by our students’ own devices.


The language domain at St Joseph’s College provides the latest technology to enhance second language learning. Italian studies are provided on campus, and students can study other languages externally through the Victorian School of Languages. We have two designated languages classrooms, and students may use  the adjacent computer lab to develop speaking and listening skills. The classrooms include spaces for collaborative communication, while displays and resources enhance cultural and language learning activities.


St Joseph’s College has a first-class visual and performing arts program.


Our dedicated visual arts classrooms across the Enright and Mercy Campuses include general art spaces, areas for visual communication and design, photography studios, a darkroom, multiple storage spaces, and Apple Mac and PC technology labs.


The Mercy Theatre is an ideal space for our students to showcase their talents. The performing arts domain regularly utilises this space to prepare and show works to families, friends and the wider community. The dance studio at the Mercy Theatre is second to none. Students are spoilt with a large, open dance studio fitted with parquet, a ballet barre, full mirrored walls and a sound system. Drama students can use our open plan areas in the John Howden Centre at the Enright Campus for rehearsal, as well as the Mercy Theatre. Student creativity is encouraged through the use of costumes, props and lighting to develop stagecraft skills. A variety of instrumental music programs are also offered at the Enright and Mercy Campuses. The music department has four specialised classrooms, including a recording studio, music technology lab, large spaces for group rehearsal, and individual practice spaces.


The Catherine McAuley Centre is a modern and well-equipped building designed to accommodate teaching and learning opportunities in mathematics and science.

Opened in 2015, the building includes innovative learning environments for our staff and students. Facilities including whiteboard walls, learning streets, open learning spaces, Apple TVs and modern, flexible furniture arrangements help to create a stimulating and contemporary environment.


St Joseph’s College is leading the way in the use of technology for learning.

Year 7 to 12 students all use devices linked to the College network and can access the College Wi-Fi at all times. Students who don’t have access to a digital device can borrow one of the laptops available. We have eight computer rooms, including Apple Mac labs for our visual communication and design students, and a production studio for our music students. Teaching aids within the College include Apple TV, Interactive Smart Boards and Air Parrot. In recent years we have also been facilitating greater parental involvement in their child’s secondary education through technology.



Food technology is available for students in years 7 to 12. Students utilise the kitchen at the Mercy Campus, with its large, modern kitchen workspaces, digital television teaching stations, outdoor barbecue area and large kitchen garden.


Metal, timber and plastics facilities offer students opportunities to work with a range of resistant materials, and design and construct different products. We have two workshops with an excellent range of tools and equipment.


Mechanical and electrical provides students with an introduction to mechanical and electrical systems. Two classrooms are fitted out for this subject – one specialising in small engine disassembly and reassembly, and the other in electronic processes.


Textiles at St Joseph’s College teaches students to be creative problem solvers. Our spacious textiles room includes large benches for cutting, 15 domestic sewing machines, three overlockers and one embroidery machine. Students also have access to a specialised wet room for sustainable design practices such as dyeing and printing.


Students can choose from a wide range of sports and outdoor education subjects at St Joseph’s College — and we have the facilities to match.

The 1000-seat stadium at the Mercy Campus has two multi-purpose courts, and the state-of-the-art gym has some of the most up-to-date equipment on the market. The campus is also home to the largest rock climbing wall outside of Melbourne.

The Enright Campus has outdoor basketball courts and cricket nets, and both campuses have access to more than four acres of ovals.

Swimming is not forgotten at St Joseph’s College. We are lucky to be situated only 300m from Mildura Waves, which has a 25m heated indoor pool, a wave pool and a 50m outdoor Olympic swimming pool.

The environment is the classroom for outdoor education. Students participate in activities at King’s Billabong, Hattah National Park, The Grampians, Mount Hotham and Arapiles.

In addition to our inter-house swimming, athletics and cross-country running carnivals, we offer a variety of team and individual sports. Sports on offer throughout the year include cricket, swimming, volleyball, tennis, baseball, softball, hockey, soccer, netball, cross country, football, basketball, badminton, athletics and table tennis. Students have the opportunity to compete at a local level in the Sunraysia Secondary School Sports Association, and if successful, they are invited to compete in the Northern Zone finals. Success at this level paves the way to state finals.

Subject Selection Process


Please use the video tutorials below for assistance with the subject selection process. 

Accessing Web Preferences (Select My Subjects)

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Academic Acceleration Information